Version history

Version 1.4.228 Apr, 2019

  • Fixed activation problems of DEMO mode in Mac OS X version.
  • New setup compiled for Linux version, that self contains Java 8 runtime, thus avoiding problems with the installation of Java 8.

Version 1.4.115 Jan, 2019

  • Added 'Clear solo' option.
  • Bug fixed. Faders didn't work properly with Mackie Control controllers with non motorized faders.

Version 1.430 Oct, 2018

  • Now OsiMIDI Stage works with any kind of MIDI controller, including non Mackie Control compatible controllers, as Korg nanoKONTROL for example.
  • New function Pickup mode. When using controllers not compatible with Mackie Control, or without motorized faders, the position of the faders will not correspond to the current values of the parameters when changing bank or fader layer. The same will happen when changing the function of the knobs, when the knobs are not encoders but potentiometers. The pickup mode allows to avoid sudden changes in the values of the parameters, since the controller must reach the current value of the parameter so that it starts to change.
  • New function "FADERS TO KNOBS", assigns to the knobs the same function as the faders. This function is useful with controllers such as the X-Touch-Mini, which has 8 strips, each with 1 knob and 2 buttons, but only the master strip has a fader. This way we can supply the lack of faders with the knobs.
  • New custom layers function, it allows to create up to 2 custom layers. The user can define the channels that make up each of these two layers.
  • Added selection of MIDI output device, allow use MIDI controllers that have different input and ouput device names, as Yamaha 01X.
  • Synchronization with X AIR Edit / M AIR Edit enhanced. New options has been added, that allow to select in X AIR Edit the tabs Channel, Input, Sends, Main, FX y Meter
  • Added MIDI controller model selection when creating the configuration, so parameters of the controller are automatically set.
  • Configuration application is now an option inside OsiMIDI Stage, not a separate application. This is for the Windows version, because Mac OS X and Ubuntu / Raspbery Pi versions were working this way in previous version.
  • Added keyboard modifiers Ctrl, Shift and Alt, when mapping buttons with the keyboard of PC.

Version 1.324 May, 2018

  • Fixed several errors related to control with keyboard.

Version 1.212 November, 2017

  • OsiMIDI Stage now can control USB trim in case of signals coming into the XR18 from the USB connection.
  • Bug fixed. OsiMIDI Stage now mantains the current tab in X AIR Edit when selected channel is changed (in previuos version Mixer tab was selected when selected channel was changed).

Version 1.19 September, 2017

  • Bug fixed. In some computers, X AIR devices were not detected over the LAN.

Version 1.05 September, 2017

  • OsiMIDI Stage launched.